Pitch Burst, Dunk Tank
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Water Dunk Chair


Our Pitch Burst Water Dunk Chair is Splash-tastic!

A New twist on the dunk tank, with far more potential & for fun for all.

The Pitcher places the “splashee” on the water seat, players then throw to hit the target, breaking the water balloon over the victim. Great fun!

Pitch Burst is great fun for: carnivals, parties, fundraisers, corporate and community events, holiday parks, promotions and much more.

As an alternative why not add flour to the balloon, you can also add child safe white glue and poster paints to make a fantastic Gunge!!!!!

For indoor use the chair can be placed in a child’s swimming pool (provided if required)

Dimensions: 6ft x 3ft x 6.5ft

Price includes 50 balloons!!!