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Minions Bouncy Castle

Minions Castle


Bello yambrr ba tis noor Daga Minions bouncy dubmus “Banana” 15 x 11 & gopa nunu yokpye aka da 12 fey cox, “Banana” Haj keapac att ba dubmus sim ti ta da Lum gum lo trousers en. £50 Potato, Potato, Potato!

Translation for those that don’t speak Minion fluently…
Minions Bouncy Castle Hello friends, This is our new minions bouncy castle “Banana”15 x 11 & great for children up to 12 years old, “Banana” Dave especially likes this castle as it’s the one Kevin lost his trousers on. £50

Potato, Potato, Potato!

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15ft x 11ft

Price Includes Set Up