IPSppips4Play systems


£225.00 Price from (with operator)


With its competitive edge and addictive nature, you’re about to give your guests or co-workers the perfect opportunity to have some friendly competition.

The cones allow you to place our electronic light chaser game in a variety of locations, configurations or settings and can be laid out over a larger area or track than the table top or arena version. Ideal for a more energetic or competitive event.

The interactive sports cones are such an easy concept but so much fun and challenging!

These cones have also been used with a variety of different sporting activities such as football, rugby, hockey, American football, basketball and much more


Set the cones in a shape or a track and have individuals dribbling the football around the track or shape or completing shuttle runs from one cone to other, all the while tapping out their chosen color either red or green. It’s a great way of improving hand-eye co-ordination and also improving core motor skills both in everyday life or in your chosen sport. The winner at the end of the allocated time is the user with the highest score.

There are loads of other fun activities and challenges that can be set up using this very versatile product. Another fantastic aspect of this product is that it can be set up on any surface i.e., indoors, outdoors on grass, outdoors on Astro turf, outdoors on concrete etc.

What events are the Light Cones suitable for?

  • Parties
  • Sports or fitness training
  • Fun Days
  • Promotional Events – where it is sure to grab the attention of visitors
  • Corporate Events
  • Indoor Team Building events
  • Evening Functions
  • Christmas Parties
  • University Events
  • …and many more!

Key Features of the Light Cones

  • Different games modes – Strike A Light features
  • LED Scoreboard and Timer display
  • 2 Players or 2 teams of 2 can compete!

Please note… This game comes fully insured with an operator to run the game for you.

Access to a socket or power required. (A generator can be supplied and an additional cost)

2 hours…..£225.00

3 hours…..£275.00

4 hours…..£325.00