Manned / Staffed Event Information

Manned/Staffed, Bouncy Castles and Inflatables for Events, Fun Days, Carnivals and Private Parties.

Thinking of hiring inflatables with one of Anglesey Bouncy Castle Hire’s operators?

  • Anglesey Bouncy Castle hire can provide fully trained operators to man your event, carnival, fun day or party.
  • For total peace of mind, each unit that Anglesey Bouncy Castle Hire’s operators are in attendance with, will be covered by our public liability insurance.
  • We can provide full written risk assessments, insurance documents and unit safety certificates.
  • All our operators have been fully trained, are fully insured and adhere to all health and safety regulations.
  • All bouncy castles and inflatables are securely anchored, all anchorage points are used and if situated on hard ground, mooring straps are affixed to solid points.
  • Impact absorbing mats are positioned at the open side of the bouncy castle, extending a sufficient distance forward to ensure sufficient protection (mats are advised but may not be necessary on soft ground).
  • Any trip points are well signed and are marked clearly.
  • At least one person will be constantly supervising the children/adults on the bouncy castle/inflatable.
  • The bouncy castle/inflatable will not be allowed to become overcrowded.
  • If children/adults are bumping into each other or if smaller children are getting knocked through over-enthusiasm, then the attendant may ask an individual or a number of individuals to leave the castle until such time as is safe.
  • If the demand is great Anglesey Bouncy Castle Hire will operate a rota to avoid larger children potentially¬†injuring¬†smaller ones.
  • Individuals are instructed to remove sharp articles of clothing like shoes, buckles and jewellery.
  • At no point is it Anglesey Bouncy Castle Hire’s intention to stop people from having fun and enjoying the inflatables, however for the safety of everyone, horseplay is not allowed, and individuals, children and adults will be asked not climb on the walls of the inflatable or run and jump onto the unit. In these cases or if the inflatables are not being used in a proper manner or indeed any other safety issue, Anglesey Bouncy Castle maintain the right to ask individuals to leave the apparatus. Due to the general noise it may, in some cases require the operator to issue instruction in a raised voice.
  • All units are checked hourly to ensure that anchor points are secure.
    Installation and operation of inflatables by Anglesey Bouncy Castle Hire at all events are in accordance with ROSPA (Royal Society Prevention of Accidents) and BIHA (British Inflatable Hirers Alliance) recommendations.